IT System Administrator

Location: Biddeford, Maine
Job Description:
Install, configure and maintain LAN servers, security, applications and databases. Support and maintain security for cloud based applications. Maintain LAN, WAN and Internet connectivity. Responsible for developing and maintaining PC configurations and assisting PC Support. Develop and provide assistance with network, database and PC support to other AVX locations and outside users.
Reports To:
IT Systems Manager
Duties and Responsibilities:
Ensure System Administrative Group SLA targets are achieved.
· Assist other AVX locations and non-AVX users with Network Admin and PC Support tasks as needed. This may occasionally require travel to other AVX locations.
· Develop, monitor, and support LAN backup and disaster recovery systems.
· Perform regular server and application updates. This includes being able to perform the updates on off-hours, in the evenings, and on the weekend, including Sunday afternoons.
· Being on-call on a 24x7 basis.
· Monitor, and support WAN and internet links, and work with providers to resolve any issues.
· Review user requirements and identify hardware and software solutions, including obtain pricing and generating purchase requisitions.
· Assist PC Support with resolving issues.
· Maintain user security definitions in Microsoft Active Directory and any other security system as required.
· Support use of cloud-based systems such as Microsoft Office365 and the devices that access it.
· Maintain and monitor anti-virus products on servers and PCs.
· Install, support, and maintain network applications. This includes both end user applications and Network Admin applications.
· Monitor and support local databases (i.e. Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL).
· Participate in the evaluation of new products and services.
· Provide hardware support for servers and work with hardware maintenance providers.
Job Requirements:
Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Management Information Systems, or equivalent course of study is required.
· Cisco or Microsoft certifications are preferred.
· Education or experience with server configuration and security in Windows environments, and network/firewall configuration and security.
· Education or experience with Microsoft Active Directory.
· Must be able to diagnose problems related to servers, network equipment and PCs.
· Must be able to understand the integration of multiple platforms across the LAN, WAN and Internet.
· Coordinate and perform change management including updating servers and software.
· As required, must be available on ‘off hours’, including Sunday afternoons, to perform necessary changes.
· Must be available as part of a team for on-call support on a 24 x 7 basis.
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