Sr. RF Engineer

Location: Taipei, Taiwan
Job Description:
Ethertronics, Taiwan. is seeking a highly motivated and skilled engineering professional with a proven track record of providing excellent service in a fast paced and dynamic work environment. The Sr. RF/Antenna Engineer will design and develop prototypes and verification tests for electrical components used in the reception and transmission of RF (Radio Frequency) signals. As well as work closely with customers in applying electrical engineering principals to develop new antenna designs.
Reports To:
Sr. RF Manager
Duties and Responsibilities:
  • Experience in AP/Router related application architecture and antenna design
  • Has knowledge and clear understanding of theoretical and practical aspects designing in PIFA/Dipole antenna design
  • More than 5 years’ experience in LTE antenna design. Familiar with laptops development process is preferred
  • Work with/for the technical sales force to address customer product and application requirements and specifications
  • Displays aptitude for continuous improvement in all aspects for highest efficiency with the team, best engineering results, and highest customer satisfaction.
  • 熟悉AP產品天線設計
  • 熟悉天線pifa/dipole 設計架構
  • 有LTE 設計經驗及筆電案子佳(5年經驗以上佳)
  • 與技術銷售人員合作,解決客戶產品和產品規格問題
  • 展現各方面持續改進的才能,使團隊及產品獲取最高效率,以達客戶之滿意度。
Job Requirements:
  • Bachelor's Degree in Electrical Engineering or Department of Physics
  • 3 to 5 years or above of direct work experience desired.
  • Experience in RF and/or antenna design.
  • Must be experienced user of related tools and test equipment.
  • Experience in RF and/or antenna design. Knowledge of antenna manufacturing processes is a plus.
  • Basic communication in English speaking/ listening/reading/writing
  • 電子、電機工程 、物理學 學士或以上
  • 3至5年天線設計工作經歷
  • 有LTE 設計經驗及筆電案子佳
  • 了解天線製造工藝技術
  • 基礎的英文(聽說讀寫)溝通對話
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