Ultra Broadband Capacitor (UBC) | 550L Series

550L Series

Features & Benefits
  • 0402 Case Size
  • Capacitance: 100 nF
  • Operating Frequency: 16 KHz (-3 dB roll-off) to 70+ GHz*
  • Insertion Loss: <0.5 dB typical
  • Orientation insensitive
  • One Piece Construction
  • Voltage Rating: 16 WVDC
  • RoHS Compliant Terminations
  • Gold Termination Available

* 25°C, no bias applied

Typical Applications
  • Optoelectronics/High Speed Data
  • Transimpedance amplifiers
  • Receive and Transmit Optical Sub-Assembly (ROSA/TOSA)
  • Synchronous Optical Network (SONET)
  • Broadband test equipment
  • Broadband Microwave/Millimeter Wave

The new 550L Ultra-Broadband Capacitor is manufactured with highest quality materials to provide reliable and repeatable Ultra-Broadband performance from 16 KHz through 70+ GHz. It exhibits ultra-low insertion loss, flat frequency response and excellent return loss, and is ideal for D.C. Blocking, Coupling, Bypassing and Feedback applications requiring Ultra-Broadband performance.

The 550L is a one-piece orientation-insensitive 0402 SMT package, fully compatible with high speed automated pick-and-place manufacturing. It is designed to meet the most stringent requirements of Ultra-Broadband applications.

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Part Number Information

550L Series
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