01005 Ultra-Miniature Ceramic Capacitors

Features & Benefits
  • C0G Dielectric
    Voltage: 16V – 25V
    Capacitance: 0.2pF – 220pF
  • X5R Dielectric
    Voltage: 6.3V – 16V
    Capacitance: 100pF – 0.47uF
  • X7R Dielectric
    Voltage: 16V
    Capacitance: 2200pF
Typical Applications
  • RF Modules
  • Mixed Modules
  • GPS & Navigation Modules
  • Drone / Low Reliability Aftermarket Flight
  • Hearing Aides
  • Test & Measurement Custom Modules

Offered in a complete range of products for both general and specialized applications and designed to meet a wide variety of needs. We have a worldwide network in order to supply our global customer bases quickly and efficiently. All of our products are highly reliable due to their monolithic structure of high-purity and superfine uniform ceramics and their integral internal electrodes.

By combining superior manufacturing technology and materials with high dielectric constants, we produce extremely compact components with exceptional specifications. Our stringent quality control in every phase of production from material procurement to shipping ensures consistent manufacturing and superior quality.

Part Number Information

01005 Ultra-Miniature
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Design Tools
SpiMLCC Simulation Software
SpiMLCC (formerly known as SpiCAP) is a web-version online simulation software that defines the frequency response and voltage coefficient for AVX ceramic chip capacitors.
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