SnPb Multilayer Varistors

Features & Benefits
  • Sn/Pb termination (5% Pb min)
  • Bi-Directional protection
  • Very fast response to ESD strikes
  • Multi-strike capability
  • Reliability
  • EMI/RFI Filtering in the off-state
  • Radiation resistant
Typical Applications
  • IC Protection
  • Micro Controllers
  • Relays
  • I/O Ports
  • Keyboard Protection
  • Portable devices
  • Radios and More

KYOCERA AVX designed specific TransGuard® and StaticGuard VCLD series with Sn/Pb termination (5% Pb Min) to support customers that cannot accept pure tin components in their applications. They have the advantage of offering bi-directional overvoltage protection against transient events such as ESD, inductive switching, lightning, NEMP as well as EMI/RFI attenuation in a single SMT package.

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Part Number Information
Part Number Information

SnPb Multilayer Varistors
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