Schottky Diodes | Surface Mount Leads

Schottky barrier diodes are not PN junctions, but diodes that utilize potential barriers between semiconductor materials and metal electrodes, e.g., Schottky barrier. They have lower forward voltage (VF) characteristics and shorter reverse recovery time (trr) than typical PN junction diodes, making them suitable for switching operation. However, the reverse current (IR) is larger than that of conventional PN diodes.

  • Low forward voltage drop
  • High frequency operation
  • Low profile package
  • Epoxy Resin (UL94V-0 recognized)
  • Trench Schottky Barrier Diode

  • Power Supplies
  • Industrial Equipment

P/NVRRM [V]Io [A]IFSM [A]IR [mA]VFM [V]@IFM [A]Outline No.Operating Temp
CircuitWeight (grams)Datasheet
NA05HSA08 805.0120.00.1000.705.0NA(DO-221BC)-40°C to 150°CSingle0.030
NA03HSA08 803.080.00.1000.703.0NA(DO-221BC)-40°C to 150°CSingle0.030
ME03EA06 603.060.00.2000.573.0SOD-128-55°C to 150°CSingle0.034
ME01EA06 601.018.00.1000.581.0SOD-128-55°C to 150°CSingle0.034
UCQ30A03 3030.0230.01.5000.5015.0TO-263LP-40°C to 150°C0.590
NA03HA20 2003.0110.01.0000.903.0NA(DO-221BC)-40°C to 150°CSingle0.030
UCHD30A09 9030.02500.1000.7915.0TO-263LP-40°C to 150°C0.590
MA10EA06 6010.02000.6000.5610.0DO-221BC-55°C to 150°C0.037
MA10XA1010010.0130.00.3000.7310.0DO-221BC-55°C to 150°C0.037