PrizmaCap™ – SCP Series | SuperCapacitors

Features & Benefits
  • Larger Capacitance in Prismatic Form Factor
  • Widest Temperature Rating
  • Low Profile & Light Weight
  • Custom Design Capabilities

PrizmaCap™ capacitors, or SCP Series, are prismatic EDLCs (supercapacitors). The SCP Series provides the lowest profile & widest operating temperature available in KYOCERA AVX SuperCapacitors. Used by themselves or in conjunction with primary or secondary batteries, they provide extended backup time, longer battery life, and provide instantaneous power pulses as needed. They are best used in applications requiring pulse power handling, energy storage, energy/power holdup, and battery assist.

Datasheet / Catalog
Typical Applications
  • Wearables
  • Handhelds
  • High Temp Industrial
  • Bluetooth Keyboard
  • Battery Assist
  • Power Peripherals
  • Tablet/E-Reader
  • High Reliability
  • Space Constrained Designs
Part Number Information
PrizmaCap™ – SCP Series

PrizmaCap™ SCP Series
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