Kyle Layton
The Professional: Kyle
8+ Years | Tantalum Division Controller

“I have learned to be uncomfortable with just maintaining the status quo,” says Kyle. We are always moving forward and changing what success and technology look like in the world of tomorrow.

Kyle graduated from Clemson University with a degree in accounting in 2012 and since then has advanced in his career into a financial team leader. Kyle knows at KYOCERA AVX we are always at the forefront of the newest projects – that means change implementation and process improvements. Flexibility and collaboration are key characteristics of our employees. We ask that you be ambitious, up to the challenge, and part of the team.

  Get To Know Them

Where did you grow up?

What is your educational background?

What is your favorite quote?

What do you like to do in your free time?

Greenville, SC Plant

  Working At KYOCERA AVX

What words would you use to describe KYOCERA AVX?

What has been your favorite part about working here so far?

What is one of your most notable successes in your current role?

What is one key thing you have learned from working here?

Do you resonate with a particular KYOCERA GROUP philosophy?

As an integral part of our vision statement, KYOCERA AVX will foster an environment where our employees can reach their full potential. Follow this series as we highlight distinguished employees at our global KYOCERA AVX locations. A special thank you to Kyle Layton for her consent to interview and publish this article.