AVX Named “Best Passives Supplier” by Italian Trade Organization

AVX receives distinguished Assodel Award

AVX has won the prestigious Italian Assodel Award for ‘Best Passives Supplier of the Year.’ AVX received this award based on results of a questionnaire sent to 1,500 customers and distributors. The survey included purchasing and design personnel, asking them which supplier they considered best for products, service, technical support and distribution.

AVX’s Country Manager for Italy, Giovani Sioli, accepted the award during a gala dinner attended by 500 people from the Italian distribution world. Sioli said, “I want to thank Stefania Frioni, our POS Distribution Manager, and all our colleagues in AVX’s Milan office for all their good work during this last year. I also want to share this award with all our distributors who have helped us achieve ‘Best Passive Supplier’ status.”

Assodel is the Italian electronics industry’s national trade organization, and its activities are aimed at informing and training everybody who plays a part in Italy’s development through electronics.