Custom Resistor Networks

Features & Benefits
  • Resistances from 5 Ohms to 50 MOhms in as small as a 0402 case size
  • Tight tolerances to 0.1%, precision matching , high stability, and low TCR, VCR
  • Excellent voltage and power handling capabilities
Typical Applications
  • Medical
  • Military
  • System in Package
  • RF/Communication
  • Industrial
  • Scientific

Precision resistor networks are a core technology that provide our customers with a unique solution to complex circuit protection, voltage regulation, instrument matching, RF impedance, and circuit miniaturization needs. Our resistors have been proven to be stable enough for everything from life-sustaining implantable to battlefield operations. Most designs can be manufactured in surface mount (SMT), wire bondable, ball grid array (BGA), and land-grid array (LGA) devices. Many devices can be offered on multiple substrates including silicon, quartz, glass, alumina, and others. We can provide Copper, low resistance, high frequency interconnects.