AVX Receives the 1st Annual Digi-Key Exceptional Sales Performance Award for Increased Sales and Exemplary Business Interactions

Digi-Key recognizes AVX with 2010 Exceptional Sales Performance Award

AVX Corporation, a leading manufacturer of advanced passive components and interconnect solutions, recently received the 2010 Exceptional Sales Performance Award from Digi-Key, the first award of its kind. The award was presented to Pete Venuto, vice president of sales at AVX, by Chris Beeson, Digi-Key vice president of the volume business division, on Wednesday May 12, 2010 at the EDS show in Las Vegas. AVX was acknowledged by Digi-Key because of its increased sales and exemplary business interactions.

“It is an honor to receive the 1st Exceptional Sales Performance Award from Digi-Key, as it demonstrates AVX’s dedication to our customers and our distribution partner of more than eight years,” said Pete Venuto, vice president of sales at AVX. “With the help of Digi-Key, AVX continues to supply leading edge and high quality passive and interconnect components for today’s dynamic electronics market.”

AVX’s core value is driven by the development of passive and interconnect products that enable next-generation technologies such as advanced medical electronics, military/aerospace systems, sustainable energy, hybrid vehicles, and advanced communications for the rapidly expanding mobile market.

Prime examples of the broad high quality products produced by AVX include the TurboCap® switch mode power supply capacitors, OxiCap® niobium oxide capacitors, BestCap® electronic double-layered capacitors, land grid array (LGA) ceramic capacitors, wet electrolytic tantalums, modular LED lighting connectors, and sub-picofarad varistors, as well as the new quick-connect insulation displacement connector (IDC).