AVX Receives the Arrow Electronics 2010 Largest Sales Dollars Growth-Passives Supplier Award

AVX again honored as Arrow Electronics‘ largest passive component supplier at EDS

AVX Corporation, a leading manufacturer of passive components and interconnect solutions, recently received Arrow Electronics’ 2010 Largest Sales Dollars Growth – Passives Supplier Award at the 2011 Electronic Distribution Show (EDS). Recognized as Arrow’s largest passive supplier, AVX was found to provide a very high standard of product quality and customer service. AVX has received this award multiple times from Arrow since 2009, demonstrating the mutual commitment between the companies to increase sales and provide exemplary customer service.

“AVX continuously exceeds our expectations with advancements in its technology, high levels of product quality, customer service and delivery performance across all product lines,” said Robert Hanley, vice president of supplier marketing and asset for Arrow Electronics. “AVX has maintained its reputation not only with Arrow, but with all companies it has serviced worldwide. This award acknowledges the work they have accomplished, and recognizes the company’s initiatives to continually evolve, improve, and develop the highest-quality products available today.”

“This award is an acknowledgment of the significant efforts made by Arrow and AVX during the year. To receive this prestigious award at EDS, the premier annual event for electronic manufacturers and distributors, is all the more special. We look forward to a continued growth of our valuable business partnership,” said Pete Venuto, vice president sales at AVX.

Prime examples of the broad high quality products produced by AVX include TurboCap® switch mode power supply capacitors, OxiCap® niobium oxide capacitors, BestCap® electronic double-layered capacitors, land grid array (LGA) ceramic capacitors, wet electrolytic tantalums, modular LED lighting connectors, and sub-picofarad varistors, as well as the new quick-connect insulation displacement connector (IDC).