Electronic Products 2005 – Product of the Year

Electronic Products - Product of the Year
TACmicrochip® recognized as a 2005 Product of the Year

AVX Corporation, a leading international supplier of electronic components, has received a 2005 Product of the Year award from Electronic Products for the 0402 TACmicrochip® tantalum chip capacitor. The award was presented to AVX on February 7 at a ceremony at AVX’s facilities in Myrtle Beach, SC.

“The Product of the Year award was established to identify and reward products that are innovative in their design, represent a significant advancement in a technology or its application, and display a substantial achievement in the price and/or performance of the device,” said Ralph Raiola, Electronic Products editor.
The 0402 TACmicrochip® tantalum chip capacitor was the industry’s first 0402-sized capacitor and offers the highest volumetric efficiency currently available, delivering up to 10mF at 2V, with superior leakage characteristics. The 0402 tantalum chip capacitor is ideal for applications that require high capacitance values along with low leakage including medical implantables, miniature disk drives, and PCMCIA cards.

“AVX is pleased to receive a 2005 Product of the Year award from Electronic Products for the TACmicrochip® tantalum capacitor,“ said Craig Hunter, AVX strategic marketing manager. “The award validates our commitment to developing innovative products that will help shape the industry for years to come.”