High Voltage DIP Leaded (HV Style) – (Stacked/Leaded)

Features & Benefits
  • Represents highest capacitance available for high voltage MLCCs
  • Capacitance Range 0.0013 µF to 15 µF
  • Voltage Range: 1000V to 5000V
  • Lead styles available for both thru-hole and surface mount soldering

KYOCERA AVX offers a wide variety of leaded products that offer high voltage capabilities up to 5000V. The HV series consists of the DIP leaded version, these dual-in-line capacitors can be used in both through hole and surface mount applications. They are intended for use in high voltage power supplies and voltage multiplier circuits. Available in large package styles and up to 5 chips stacks – results in high capacitance at high voltages. Two Class 1 stable dielectrics available (COG and N1500) and one Class 2 X7R dielectric.

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Part Number Information

HV DIP Leaded
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