Military/Aerospace – APS Series

Features & Benefits
  • The APS range has extensive reliability testing as standard resulting in an ultralow failure rate, ≤1ppb
  • The APS range is available with Flexiterm® that deliver’s high thermo-mechanical stress resistance
  • High CV range enabling board space saving requirements
Typical Applications
  • Industrial
  • Telecommunications
  • Aviation
  • Military

APS series of multilayer ceramic capacitors offers the customer a high reliability solution with an ultra low failure rate (≤1ppb) in a variety of case sizes and voltages. The APS range encompasses a wide range of dielectric types to meet the customer’s requirements from low temperature/voltage capacitance change dielectric, NPO, to high preforming capacitance voltage X7R, to high temperature reliability dielectrics like X8R/L. APS capacitors have a wider capacitance range than MIL spec parts that satisfies the need for higher CV demands and board space saving requirements. Each production lot is extensively tested and removes the requirement for customer specific drawings. The testing regime uses many of the MIL-STD test methods, as per MIL-PRF-55681, and has a field failure rate of less than 1 ppb. The APS testing series uses KYOCERA AVX’s unique in-house maverick testing detection system that eliminates infant mortality failures.

Datasheet / Catalog
Part Number Information

Part Number Information

APS for COTS-Plus Applications
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Design Tools

Design Tools
SpiMLCC Simulation Software
SpiMLCC (formerly known as SpiCAP) is a web-version online simulation software that defines the frequency response and voltage coefficient for AVX ceramic chip capacitors.
Technical Information
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