ESCC 3009/041 Space Level BME X7R MLCC

Features & Benefits
  • Improved CV efficiency delivering optimized PCB usage by down-sizing MLCC sizes
  • Improved CV efficiency means reduction in the number of capacitors purchased and weight saved
  • Includes Flexiterm® for improved mechanical stress resistance against our Mil Spec (1812) competitors
Typical Applications
  • Science Exploration Satellites
  • Earth Exploration Satellites
  • Communication Satellites
  • Satellite Launchers
  • Military, land, or air based applications

Space BME ( Base Metal Electrode ) X7R surface mount MLCC capacitors utilize leading edge technology in MLCC construction and processing. This technology delivers high reliability with a superior capacitance voltage capability compared to conventional technologies. Higher capacitance values in the smaller case sizes not only reduces the amount of board space used but also the weight of the components. These surface mount components also incorporate Flexiterm®, which greatly improves the resistance to the mechanical stress of the MLCCs.

Part Number Information
Part Number Information

ESCC 3009/041 Space Level BME X7R MLCC
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