Varicon® Connectors

Features & Benefits
  • Patented Hermaphroditic contacts that were developed in the 1960’s continue to be used today in legacy military and industrial equipment.
  • KYOCERA AVX has not QPL’d since 1992, but continues to offer the exact same connectors as commercial equivalents.
  • Series include 7008, 7022, 7023, 7024, 7038, 8016, 8017, 8020, 8218, 8219, 8223, & Contact Strips.
Typical Applications
  • Military: Radar, Radio, Computer, Guidance Systems
  • Test & Measurement Equipment
  • Nuclear Power Plants

Varicon®, the KYOCERA AVX ruggedized tuning fork contact system provides cable-to-board, board-to-board and Rack & Panel packaging solutions for mission critical systems. KYOCERA AVX still offers several of the original standard and miniature series options with pin counts up to 165 contacts.

Part Number Information
Part Number Information
Based on the mature level of this product, significantly reduced volumes, declining tooling conditions, and component vendors exiting the market, KYOCERA AVX continues to support as many of the original part numbers as physically possible. Due to the volatile nature of component supply and tooling conditions we have pulled the catalog and standard pricing off line. Please contact if you have any questions or are searching for availability.