9296-1X2 Series | Poke-Home Contacts – Micro Single Vertical 22-26 AWG

STRIPT Connectors
Features & Benefits
  • Dual Beam contact provides maximum mechanical stability and wire retention
  • Tape and reel packaged for automated SMT placement
  • Staged current rating based on AWG, maximum is 8A (22AWG)
  • Increased functionality with the single contact placement: multiple contacts and/or specific individual locations
Typical Applications
  • Machine Controls: motors, drives, solenoids, sensors, fans and pumps
  • Commercial Buildings: controls, security, fire and sensors
  • Smart Grid: meters, breakers and panels
  • SSL/LED; bulbs, fixtures, signage and streetlights

The new contacts support both solid and stranded wires ranging from 26AWG down to 22AWG and current ratings as high as 8 amps. Due to the mechanical stiffness of the small contact, 26AWG stranded wires may need to be pre-tinned to facilitate insertion. The set of four contacts provide both top and bottom entry for FR4 and metal core printed circuit boards.

Datasheet / Catalog
Part Number Information
Part Number Information

Vertical Top & Inverse 22-26 AWG: 70-9296
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Application Notes
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