Wire Wound Ceramic Inductors – LCWC Series

Features & Benefits
  • Ceramic Base Provides High SRF
  • Miniature SMD Chip Inductor for Fully Automated Assembly
  • Outstanding Endurance from Pull-up Force, Mechanical Shock and Pressure
Typical Applications
  • WLL, Wireless LAN / Mouse / Keyboard / Earphone
  • VCO, RF Module & Other Wireless Products
  • Base Station, Repeater
  • GPS Receiver

The LCWC series of wire wound ceramic inductors includes ultra-compact inductors that provide high Q factors, with a high current range available. LCWC is used in RF products such as cellular phones (CDMA/GSM/PHS), cordless phones (DECT/CT1CT2), remote controls, security systems, wireless PDAs, smart phones, etc. LCWC is used in broadband applications such as CATV filters, tuners, cable modems and XDSL tuners, and set top boxes. LCWC is used in IT applications such as USB 2.0 and IEEE 1394. LCWC has a tighter tolerance down to ±2%, and an operating temperature of -40ºC to +125ºC.

Datasheet / Catalog
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Part Number Information
Part Number Information

LCWC Series
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