Base Metal Electrodes Reduce Size And Weight Of MLCCs In Satellites


The rate of change in the satellite world is accelerating and along with that comes the changes needed for power supplies onboard. This article provides a high-level view of the emergence of base metal electrode (BME) multilayer ceramic capacitors (MLCCs) for satellite applications. After providing some background on MLCCs and the development of their electrode materials, this article describes the advances in component materials, construction and fabrication techniques, and the track record in automotive and other sectors that have proven the reliability of BME MLCCs. Then the size advantages which motivate the use of these capacitors in space are discussed. The rest of this article reviews the reliability studies that AVX has performed to qualify BME MLCCs for space, and the status of space approvals for these capacitors, particularly Mil Prf 32535. Finally, it discusses details of BME capacitor design for space.



March 2019

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