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1002789M0 – GPS / L1, B1, E1, G1 / Iridium Antenna

Antenna Type:Internal (Off Board)
Technology:GPS / L1, B1, E1, G1 / Iridium
Band:GPS / L1, B1, E1, G1 / Iridium
Frequency:1518 – 1675 MHz
Peak Gain:6 dBic
Size (mm):78.0 x 78.0 x 6.6
Weight (grams):26.47
Mounting:Cable + Adhesive + Connector
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ConnectorCable Length (mm)
1002789M0-AM30L0086MMCX Connector86

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KYOCERA AVX antennas deliver on the key needs of device designers for higher functionality and performance in smaller/thinner designs. These innovative antennas provide compelling advantages for GPS, L1, B1, E1, and Iridium band enabled devices.

Real-World Performance and Implementation

KYOCERA AVX Stamped metal antennas are designed to produce optimal performance and 3D radiation patterns, offering increased coverage range without compromising on footprint dimensions.