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1004796 – Universal Embedded FR4 LTE B31 (450MHz) or ISM (433MHz) Antenna (Mirrored to 1004795)

Antenna Type:Internal (On Board)
Technology:LTE / ISM
Band:B31 / ISM433
Frequency:433 MHz, 450 MHz
Peak Gain:Various Depending on Frequency – Refer to Datasheet
Efficiency:Various Depending on Frequency – Refer to Datasheet
Size (mm):36.0 x 9.0 x 3.2
Weight (grams):2.1
Antenna P/N:1004796
Antenna Evaluation Board:1004796-01
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KYOCERA AVX Universal Broadband Embedded LTE/LPWA antennas utilize IMD technology, which offers a reduced electrical footprint on any circuit board and independent tuning capabilities for performance optimization. This low profile FR4 antenna encapsulates IMD’s high performance and isolation characteristics offering better connectivity and minimal interference.

High Performance LTE in Small form factor

The 1004795/1004796 LTE antenna is designed to support CAT-M and NB-IoT applications, supporting all US and Worldwide major carriers. In addition, the versality to return to other frequency bands, allows this antenna to perform and 315MHz for RKE applications, 450MHz for the LTE band B31, 433MHz ISM bands as well as 400MHz satellite applications. This antenna is the perfect
solution for IoT enabled devices, offering high efficiency and peak gain in a small form factor, and with a reduced ground plane size requirement.