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1005460F0 – 5G/4G Wide Band FPC Embedded Antenna

Antenna Type:Internal (Off Board)
Technology:2G / 3G / 4G / 5G / Cellular / LTE / LTE-M / NB-IoT / Sub-6 GHz / SigFox / LoRa / LPWA
Band:LTE B1 – LTE B43 | 5G n1 – 5G n84
Frequency:617-960 MHz / 1400-2200 MHz / 2300-2700 MHz / 3300-3800 MHz / 5000-6000 MHz
Peak Gain:3.4 dBi – 4.2 dBi
Average Efficiency:58.4%
Size (mm):100 x 30 x 0.2
Weight (grams):1.66
Mounting:Adhesive + Cable + Connector
Antenna P/N:1005460F0 | View P/N Nomenclature
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Part Number

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ConnectorCable Length (mm)
1005460F0-AA10L0100U.FL connector100
1005460F0-AA10L0150U.FL connector150
1005460F0-AA10L0200U.FL connector200
1005460F0-AA10L0250U.FL connector250
1005460F0-AA10L0300U.FL connector300
1005460F0-AC10L0100MHF4L Connector100
1005460F0-AC10L0150MHF4L Connector150
1005460F0-AC10L0200MHF4L Connector200
1005460F0-AC10L0250MHF4L Connector250
1005460F0-AC10L0300MHF4L Connector300

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KYOCERA AVX LTE cellular embedded antenna 1005460F0 addresses the challenges facing today’s product designers. Based on a flexible substrate for easier integration, high performance and isolation characteristics, this antenna offers better connectivity. The 1005460F0 is designed to perform efficiently for long cable lengths, when the antenna is far from the ground plane. In addition, 1005460F0 is offered in multiple standard cable lengths ranging from 100 mm to 300 mm.