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1005595 – Broadband 5G/4G External Antenna

Antenna Type:External (Indoor)
Technology:5G, 2G / 3G / 4G, 5G / 4G, Cellular, LTE, LTE-M, NB-IoT, Sub-6 GHz
Band:LTE B1, LTE B2, LTE B3, LTE B4, LTE B5,LTE B6, LTE B7, LTE B8, LTE B9, LTE B10, LTE B11, LTE B12, LTE B13, LTE B14, LTE B15, LTE B16, LTE B17, LTE B18, LTE B19, LTE B20, LTE B21, LTE B22, LTE 23, LTE B24, LTE B25, LTE B26, LTE B27, LTE B28, LTE B29, LTE B30, LTE B32, LTE B33, LTE B34, LTE B35, LTE B36, LTE B37, LTE B38, LTE B39, LTE B40, LTE 41, LTE B42, LTE B43, 5G n1, 5G n2, 5G n3, 5G n5, 5G n7, 5G n8, 5G n20, 5G n28, 5G n38, 5G n41, 5G n50, 5G n51, 5G n66, 5G n70, 5G n71, 5G n74, 5G n75, 5G n76, 5G n77, 5G n78, 5G n79, 5G n80, 5G n81, 5G n82, 5G n83, 5G n84
Frequency:617 – 960MHz, 1400 – 2400MHz, 2400 – 5000MHz
Peak Gain:600-960 = 0.3 dBi
1400-2400 = 2.3 dBi
2400-5000 = 3.9dBi
Average Efficiency:600-960 = 38%
1400-2400 = 64%
2400-5000 = 65%
Size (mm):221.0 x 24.0 x 13.2
Weight (grams):34.0
Antenna Series:1005595

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The 1005595 antenna is designed to offer the best performance across the 5G sub-6 GHz and LTE/4G frequency bands, regardless of the ground it is connected to. Its hinged connector and lowprofile design allows for diverse integration and functionality. The antenna is also available in different colors and connectors upon request.