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9003034F0 – LTE 5G FPC Antenna

Antenna Type:Internal (Off Board)
Technology:5G, LTE, LTE MIMO, 4G
Band:LTE B1, LTE B38, LTE B41, LTE B42, LTE B43
5G n38, 5G n41, 5G n77, 5G n78, 5G n79,
Frequency:2100-2690 MHz / 3300-5000 MHz
Peak Gain:4.2 dBi – 4.3 dBi (Depending on Frequency)
Average Efficiency:58-62% (Depending on Frequency)
Size (mm):28.0 x 15.0 x 0.2
Weight (grams):0.9
Mounting:Adhesive + Cable + Connector
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Part Number

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ConnectorCable Length (mm)
9003034F0-AA10L0050MHF1 connector50
9003034F0-AA10L0100MHF1 connector100
9003034F0-AA10L0150MHF1 connector150
9003034F0-AA10L0200MHF1 connector200
9003034F0-AA10L0250MHF1 connector250
9003034F0-AA10L0300MHF1 connector300
9003034F0-AC10L0050MHF4 connector50
9003034F0-AC10L0100MHF4 connector100
9003034F0-AC10L0150MHF4 connector150
9003034F0-AC10L0200MHF4 connector200
9003034F0-AC10L0250MHF4 connector250
9003034F0-AC10L0300MHF4 connector300

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The 9003034F0 antenna is a flexible embedded antenna optimized to cover the high band MIMO bands for 5G NR modules (2.11 GHz to 5 GHz). It delivers on the key needs of device designers for higher functionality and better performance in a small form factor, helping optimize the 4×4 MIMO system for 5G sub-6GHz applications. It is designed for flexible mounting on the underside of any non-metallic housing with a cable and connector for easy installation. The flexibility and adhesive backing make it easy to mount in unique and custom enclosures, while enabling an environmentally sealed enclosure and protection from tampering or accidental antenna damage. These innovative antenna provides compelling advantages for 5G NR enabled devices such as having a cable connection to the PCB allowing for a flexible placement offered with MHF1 or MHF4 compatible connectors.