9001169 – GPS FPC Embedded Antenna with LNA

  • Antenna Type: Internal (Off Board)
  • Technology: GPS
  • Band: L1
  • Frequency: 1575 MHz
  • Efficiency: 55%
  • Size (mm): 41 x 15.5
  • Mounting: Adhesive + Cable + Connector

Antenna Part Number: 9001169

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This active GPS Antenna delivers high RF performance and functionality in M2M designs where a more standard GPS patch approach is not possible. This innovative antenna provides compelling advantages for GPS enabled M2M / IoT applications such as vehicle tracking or asset tracking. Based on a flexible substrate, this active GPS antenna is able to maintain high efficiency in various device configurations. In addition, the 9001169 antenna embeds a low power consumption LNA that facilitates its integration in the end product.