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P822604 – FR4 Embedded LTE / LPWA Antenna | Corner/Side Ground (Mirrored to P822603)

Antenna Type:Internal (On Board)
Technology:2G / 3G / 4G, Cellular, LTE, LTE-M, NB-IoT
Band:LTE B1, LTE B2, LTE B3, LTE B4, LTE B5, LTE B6, LTE B7, LTE B8, LTE B9, LTE B10, LTE B12, LTE B13, LTE B14, LTE B15, LTE B16, LTE B17, LTE B18, LTE B19, LTE B20, LTE B23, LTE B25, LTE B26, LTE B27, LTE B28, LTE B29, LTE B30, LTE B39, LTE B40, LTE B41, LTE B53, LTE B65, LTE B66, LTE B67, LTE B68, LTE B69, LTE B85
Frequency:698 – 960 MHz, 1710 – 2700 MHz
Peak Gain:698-960MHz = 0.7 dBi
1710-2170MHz = 1.0 dBi
2500-2700MHz = 0.4 dBi
Efficiency:698-960MHz = 59%
1710-2170MHz = 59%
2500-2700MHz = 39%
Size (mm):49.60 x 8.0 x 3.2
Weight (grams):2.6
Antenna P/N:P822604
Evaluation Board P/N:P822604-01
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KYOCERA AVX’s Universal Broadband Embedded LTE/LPWA antenna utilizes Isolated Magnetic Dipole™ (IMD) technology which address the challenges facing today’s product designers. IMD’s high performance and isolation characteristics offer better connectivity and minimal interference. Main advantage: it is compatible for corner placement. Mirrored version variant offered as P822604.

Stays in Tune

KYOCERA AVX antennas use patented IMD technology in many antenna configurations to provide high performance. IMD antennas requires a smaller design keep keep-out area, carry lower program development risk which yields a quicker time time-to -market, without sacrificing RF performance.