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1001430 – Single Band Stamped Metal Embedded Antenna (Right)

Antenna Type:Internal (On Board)
Technology:WiFi / WLAN
Frequency:4.9 – 5.9GHz
Peak Gain:4.5 dBi
Size (mm):8.75 x 4.05 x 2.01
Weight (grams):0.025
Antenna P/N:1001430
Evaluation Board:1003666-01
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The 1001430 is the World’s SMALLEST 5 GHz High Performance Stamped Metal antennas. These antennas are designed for WLAN MIMO enabled devices including routers, media players, and other mobile communications devices.

Real-World Performance and Implementation

These Stamped metal antennas are designed to produce optimal performance and 3D radiation patterns, offering increased coverage range without compromising on footprint dimensions.

Greater Flexibility

The first-in-class technology enables the advance concept designs that deliver superior performance in reception critical applications.