High Current – W2H Series

Features & Benefits
  • Voltage Range: 25, 50, 100V in 0805 and 0612 case sizes
  • Current rating: NP0/C0G up to 2A, X7R up to 5A
  • Automotive Qualified (AEC-Q200): W2H
Typical Applications
  • High current power (Vcc) lines
  • PA decoupling
  • DC:DC converters
  • Regulators
  • Power supervisory circuits

High current feedthru capacitors are designed as a broadband EMI filter that is specially designed to have high current handling capability. These capacitors have a capacitance range up to 100,000pF and a current rating up to 2A. These SMT feedthru filters offer an optimized frequency response with high attenuation across a wide RF spectrum due to optimized parallel and series inductances. These W2H feedthru filters can actually replace discrete L/C filter networks.

The Sn/Pb option (L2H1) is available for Military Applications.

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Part Number Information
Part Number Information

W2H Series
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The Sn/Pb option (L2H1) is available for Military Applications.

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