Axial – SA Series (SpinGuard®)

Axial – SA Series (SpinGuard®)
Features & Benefits
  • Dielectric: NP0, X7R, X5R, Z5U
  • Voltage Range: 10V to 200V
  • Capacitance Range: 1pF to 1µF
Typical Applications
  • Industrial

KYOCERA AVX SA series is a conformally coated axial leaded MLC. We offer NP0, X7R, X5R, and Z5U dielectrics. Voltages range from 10VDC to 200VDC. Capacitance values are available up to 4.7uF. Other values may be available upon request. Suitable for commodity applications with voltage requirements up to 200V and where leaded device is preferred over SMD. Axial construction allows the customer to shape the part to fit almost any design. Leaded capacitors exhibit excellent thermal shock and vibration resistance if we compare them to SMD ceramics. High speed pick and place compatible. Parts are suitable for wave soldering and are RoHS compliant.

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Part Number Information

SA Series
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