Custom Configurations and Packaging

Custom Configurations
Features & Benefits
  • Custom geometries
  • Custom lead configurations
  • Custom packaging/encapsulation and mounting brackets

For the requirements that cannot be satisfied by standard SMPS style products (SM0-style or SM9-style), KYOCERA AVX offers leading edge solutions in custom lead configuration and custom packaging. Custom lead configurations offering optimum packaging, high current handling capabilities and stress relief mounting options are all possible with KYOCERA AVX. The custom solutions provided by KYOCERA AVX maintain high reliability of stacked capacitor product originally developed by KYOCERA AVX and historically recognized as the highest reliability product in the market. Custom packaging options provide solutions that eliminate reliability concerns in the next level assembly.

Many innovations are available from KYOCERA AVX’s Advanced Products group. Let them apply these ideas to your application specific requirements. Please consult with KYOCERA AVX’s Application Engineering staff for a custom solution that will meet demands of your program requirements.