SMPS Capacitors (RH Style)

RH Style
Features & Benefits
  • RH 21/22 are AEC-Q200 Compliant
  • RH Range Has Low ESR/ESL Capability
  • PCB Space Saving Using Double Stacked MLCCs
  • Enhanced Thermo Mechanical Stress Resistance
Typical Applications
  • Suitable for Input or Output Filter Capacitors in High Frequency DC-DC Convertor, Automotive, Telecom, Industrial and Military Applications

The RH ranges uses high volumetric efficient X7R capacitors in a “J” style lead frame. When large ceramic capacitors are used in applications, they can easily be affected by stresses caused by temperature variations, thermal shock, and mechanical vibrations. PCB bend movement and temperature stresses on the ceramic capacitors. The RH range allows the capacitors to be double stacked so a higher volumetric efficiency can be achieved by the customer, and this saves on PCB space.

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Part Number Information

SMPS Capacitors (RH Style)
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