Military/Aerospace – Extended Range Surface Mount MLCC

Features & Benefits
  • Lower voltages
  • High capacitance versions to DLA drawings
  • Dielectrics: BP, BR, BG, C0G, BX
Typical Applications
  • Military
  • Aerospace programs

These additional ranges of surface mount multilayer ceramic capacitors provide additional capability in 0603 and 0402 case sizes. DLA 03028 covers 0603 case size BP and BR dielectric and DLA 03029 is for 0402 case size in BP and BR dielectric. For RF surface mount capacitor versions DLA 06019 covers 0605 case size for BP and BG dielectric. DLA 06022 is for 1210 case size and BP and BG dielectric devices. DLA 05002 covers RF capacitors in 0603 case size, C0G dielectric.

These extended range surface mount, multilayer ceramic capacitors provide options for lower voltages and higher capacitance versions to DLA drawings. Dielectric options are BP, BR and BX. DLA 05006 covers 0805 case size and DLA 05007 provides the 1206 case size capability.

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Part Number Information
Part Number Information

Extended Range Surface Mount MLCC
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Technical Information