SMD Varistors – UltraGuard® Series

UltraGuard® Series
Features & Benefits
  • Very low leakage <1µA
  • Single chip and array components
  • EMI/RFI filtering in the off-state
Typical Applications
  • Battery operated devices
  • High clock speed IC
  • Low voltage power conversion
  • Power supervisory chip sets
  • Optic circuits (LDD, SerDes)
  • Laser diodes
  • Any circuit with low leakage requirements

KYOCERA AVX UltraGuard® Series Multilayer Varistors are low leakage (<1µA) varistors for bi-directional ESD protection of battery operated devices, high clock speed IC, low voltage power conversion circuits and applications with low leakage requirements. Faster semiconductor clock speeds and an increasing reliance on batteries as power sources have resulted in the need for varistors that exhibit very low leakage current. The UltraGuard® Series is the ideal transient protection solution for these applications requiring protection component with very low leakage.

Available as discrete 0402, 0603 and 0805 chips, 2-element 0405 and 0508 array and 4-element 0612 array, working voltage from 3.0 to 32Vdc, energy up to 0.4J, peak current up to 150A. Operating temperature range is -55°C to +125°C with no derating. Parts offer excellent lead free solderability thanks to Ni Barrier/100% Sn termination.

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Part Number Information

UltraGuard Series
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