9155-700 Series | Right Angle 2.0mm Pitch

Features & Benefits
  • Simple designed compact 2mm pitch right angle connector up to 6 positions
  • Gold plated BeCu contacts provide high electrical and mechanical performance over 5000 mating cycles
  • Two anchor brackets for mechanical stability
  • Optional plastic locating bosses with SMT anchor tabs maximizes the mechanical stability of the connector in harsh conditions
Typical Applications
  • Handheld/portable devices requiring docking or cradle charging
  • Patient monitoring or portable medical electronics
  • Industrial devices requiring pluggable or programming modules
  • Internet appliances requiring battery back-up

KYOCERA AVX extends their board-to-board right angle connectors with a new 2mm pitch version 9155-700, an addition to the existing versions 9155-300 with a 3mm pitch and 9155-500 with a 2.5mm pitch. This new connector is offered in 2 to 6 contact positions and rated at 2 Amps for the 2-4 way versions or 1.5 Amps for the 5-6 way versions. The connector´s design is small and compact in order to minimize its profile, yet remain stable while having a contact point at 2.10mm above the PCB.

The stability comes from extra SMT anchor brackets. In addition to existing versions, the new connector has two options without or with locating bosses, providing even better mechanical stability on the PCB. The complete family of connectors 9155 series from KYOCERA AVX offer all the same advantages : Ultra reliable and robust gold plated beryllium copper contacts provide high integrity connections in harsh environments, with 5000 mating operations, high temperature nylon plastic for RoHS soldering.

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Part Number Information

Right Angle 2.0mm Pitch: 9155-700
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