58-9296 Series | Poke-Home Connectors – Single Vertical Top Entry 18 AWG Solid

Features & Benefits
  • Pre-Plated phosphor bronze contact material provides excellent spring performance with high fatigue and corrosion resistance
  • The single stamped and formed box contact maximizes board attachment and wire capture strength
  • Tight tolerance and wire insulation stop helps to prevent potting from flowing into the connector during encapsulation processes
  • Integral molded in flange provides a generous vacuum pick-up point for automated SMT placement
Typical Applications
  • Replace inconsistent hand soldered perpendicular wire terminations onto PCB’s in:
    – Power Supplies
    – LED Drivers
    – Industrial/Motor Controls
  • Replace hard soldering of wire to a PCB
  • Replace costly 2-Piece header and receptacle products

Vertical poke-home connectors were introduced into the market a few years ago to provide a reliable, yet cost effective discrete wire-to-board termination in perpendicular applications. Designed to connect the gap between inconsistent hand soldering of wires and costly 2-piece connector systems, these connectors are available in a range of positions and configurations while accepting 18 to 26 AWG solid or stranded wires.

This latest connector was developed specifically to support the high volume 18 AWG wire applications used in power supply, LED driver and industrial control products where PCB space is limited. This new 9296 connector offers a robust single beam contact which securely captures and retains the wire in a 23% smaller package size.

Datasheet / Catalog
Part Number Information
Part Number Information

Poke-Home 18 AWG Solid: 58-9296
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