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Features & Benefits
  • High spring force top contact provides a lance type retention to capture and retain the wire
  • Shrouded dual push button activation for easy wire insertion/removal
  • Accepts 18-26AWG Solid and Stranded wires; any combination
  • Expanded size offering to maximize application potential; 1, 2, 3, 4, 6 & 8 positions
  • Optional mounting tape to secure in panel mounting applications
  • Molded in position numbers and schematic for easy identification
Typical Applications
  • Industrial/Machine Control; motors, solenoids,PLCs, pumps, valves, sensors, fans
  • Commercial/Building; fixtures, fire, security, surveillance, blinds, sensors, controls
  • Commercial/Industrial LED; retail, office, manufacturing, signage, displays

The 9286 series of Thru-Wire connectors provides a high spring force Beryllium Copper contact system that uses simple push button activation to insert and remove individual stripped wires in the connection process. There is a forward and aft shrouded (to prevent accidental activation) push button for each wire connection that can be operated individually or simultaneously with a simple plastic tool or ball point pen tip. Up to eight wires can be electrically connected in a single connector body which will support any combination of wire gauges from 18AWG up to 26 AWG. Wires can be removed or replaced up to 5 times so there is no need to replace the connector in a new installation.

Datasheet / Catalog
Part Number Information
Part Number Information

Poke-Home – Thru-Wire: 00-9286
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