LEO / MEO Space Orbit OCXO | KSP Series

KSP Series
Features & Benefits
  • Radiation Tolerant TID 50 kRad
  • Radiation Tolerant SEE > 60 MeV cm2/mg
  • Superior Frequency Stability
  • Ultra Low Phase Noise
  • Low Acceleration Sensitivity
  • Available in:
    25 x 25mm Package
    36 x 27mm Package
Typical Applications
  • LEO/MEO Satellite Master Clock
  • LEO/MEO Satellite GPS Precision Timing Devices
  • LEO/MEO Satellite Master Reference Oscillator
  • LEO/MEO Satellite Radar
  • LEO/MEO Satellite Weather Radar

KYOCERA AVX’s OCXO is specifically designed for commercial space Low Earth Orbit (LEO) and Mid Earth Orbits (MEO) applications, designed to be radiation tolerant for both Total Ionizing Dosage (TID) and Linear Energy Transfer (LET) typical of LEO/MEO orbits. The LEO/MEO Space OCXO offers excellent phase noise performance and low-g acceleration sensitivity.

Part Number Information
KLNE Series

KSP Series Timing Device
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