Hybrid & Electric Vehicle Capacitors – FHC1 & FHC2 Series

FHC Series
Features & Benefits
  • Controlled Self-Healing Property
  • Custom Designs (Mechanical/Electrical)
  • Alternative to electrolytic, mica, film foil & ceramic
  • Total safety, reliability & soft end of lifetime due to controlled self-healing
  • Dry solution, no drying out
  • Standard solution
Typical Applications
  • DC-Link Capacitor in EV/HEV
  • Select Motor Drives
  • Renewable Energy (Wind, Solar, Power Grid)
  • Power Electronics that need High Reliability
  • WBG Technology

The FHC 1 & 2 products assure reliable operation for long lifetimes due to unique controlled self-healing technology. The FHC 1 & 2 provide a standard option for DC link capacitors used in DC filtering between rectifier and inverter in automotive applications. The series uses a dry-wound (non-oil-filled) segmented metallized polypropylene, specially treated to have a very high dielectric strength in operating conditions up to 115°C.

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Part Number Information

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