DISFIM Products

Features & Benefits
  • Voltage range from 2kV to 75kV
  • Maximum energy per capacitor: 150kJ
  • Specific energy up to 2000J/l
  • Lifetime up to several tens of millions of shots
  • Stray inductance’s from 50nH to 500nH
Typical Applications
  • Power laser
  • Electromagnetic and ETC Cannon
  • High voltage supplies
  • Marx generators
  • Cable failure detectors

Disfim capacitors are designed for energy storage and discharge applications. Controlled self-healing enables the capacitor to operate continually without catastrophic failure by immediately insulating any over-stress sites that may occur in the dielectric layer. During operation, the capacitance will reduce slightly as a result of the controlled self-healing mechanism; discharge capacitors are designed to lose no more than 5% of the original value over their operating lifetime at design voltage and temperature.

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Part Number Information
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