Custom Designed Chip Modules

Features & Benefits
  • Placement of Devices Down to 0201 Size
  • Placement Accuracy to 50um
  • Custom Layouts and Collaborative Design Offered
Typical Applications
  • Switchable Filtering
  • ASIC Interfaces
  • RF Communications
  • Defense

Custom designed filter modules begin with the full functionality of any combination of our inductor, capacitor, and resistor networks. Using a variety of solder techniques, a single or series of smaller components can be placed on top of the module die. The module die can then be wire bonded into the circuit and provide a unique solution to where your design requires a solution not found in typical product offerings. Most designs can be manufactured in surface mount (SMT), wire bondable, ball grid array (BGA), and land-grid array (LGA) devices. Many devices can be offered on multiple substrates including silicon, quartz, glass, alumina, and others.