TCM Series

TCM Series
Features & Benefits
  • Conductive Polymer Multianode, Multianode Design
  • Benign Failure Mode Under Recommended Use Conditions
  • Extremely Low ESR
  • 3x reflow cycles according to J-STD-020
  • 100% Surge Current Tested
  • Volumetric Efficiency
  • High Frequency Capacitance Retention
Typical Applications
  • Telecommunication Routers
  • Base Stations with High Power DC/DCs

TCM series of conductive polymers with multi-anode construction to achieve extremely Low ESR, offer solution for applications in telecommunication, wireless data transfer and other high-performance power applications such as power processors and integrated circuits. TCM series capacitors can be loaded to higher continuous current, they are more robust against current surges and exhibit benign failure mode. TCM’s robust multi-anode design exhibits high volumetric efficiency offering high Capacitance up to 1000μF, rated Voltages up to 100V and shows high frequency Capacitance retention.