Ultra-Maxi Capacitors | GD Series

Ultra-Maxi | GD Series
Features & Benefits
  • High dielectric constant
  • X7R dielectric
  • High self resonance
Typical Applications
  • Broad-band bypass applications where circuit board layouts can utilize configurations

The Ultra-Maxi Series is the latest addition to the KYOCERA AVX family of proprietary high k, inter-granular barrier layer dielectric systems. This series is similar to our Maxi & Maxi+ product offerings, but with the notable difference that the dielectric constant has been increased to 60,000 – double the previous high for our industry leading GBBL formulations. These new Single Layer Ceramic Capacitors, with X7R TCC and rated at 25VDC (-55°C thru +125°C), set a new standard for circuit miniaturization. On average, the required board mounting area will be reduced by approximately two-thirds when compared to an equivalent capacitance value for our Maxi+ series. The Ultra-Maxi series offers an ideal solution for broadband bypass applications where high performance and the smallest footprint are the primary considerations. The Ultra-Maxi Series is RoHS compliant – as are all KYOCERA AVX SLC products. Terminations (Au over Ti/W) provide an excellent wire bonding surface and are compatible with conductive epoxy and Au/Sn eutectic solder attach. Samples and custom configurations are available on request.

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Part Number Information

GD Series
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