GH/GB Series (NP0 Temp Compensating & X7R Dielectric)

NP0 Temp Compensating
Features & Benefits
  • Wide variety of dielectrics
  • With and without borders
  • High self resonance
Typical Applications
  • Broad-band bypass applications where circuit board layouts can utilize configurations

In addition to the standard SLC products, KYOCERA AVX is now able to offer bordered versions in these same dielectric families, utilizing micron resolution photolithography and etching processes. With borders precisely defined, these parts will be beneficial in those applications that require enhanced visual definition during placement and wire bonding. Additionally, bordered devices have proven effective in reducing susceptibility to conductive epoxy electrode bridging. Custom designs to meet stringent circuit trace width matching requirements are available upon request.

Datasheet / Catalog
Part Number Information
Part Number Information

GH/GB Series
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