TPS Automotive Range

TPS Series
Features & Benefits
  • Low ESR Series of Robust MnO2 Solid Electrolyte Capacitors
  • 100% Surge Current Tested
  • CV range: 0.22-680μF / 6.3-50V
  • 5 Case Sizes Available
  • Power Supply Applications
Typical Applications
  • Power Supply
  • Electric Window Control
  • Battery Management Systems
  • DC/DC Converter

With an ESR as low as 80mΩ, TPS capacitors are suitable for smoothing and filtering on 3.3V power rails, which is a favorite output voltage of DC/DC converters. Devices with high capacitance can also be used as battery support in handheld devices where small size is one of the key design requirements.

TPS tantalum capacitors have a maximum direct leakage current of 19.8μA and a maximum dissipation factor at 120Hz of 12%. Operating temperature range is -55 to +125°C. Importantly, these devices meet the requirements of AEC-Q200 for the automotive industry.