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9002305L0-L01K – UWB LDS Antenna “Tulip”

Antenna Type:Internal (On Board)
Peak Gain:4.3dBi
Average Efficiency:61%
Size (mm):6.40 x 6.40 x 5.52
Weight (grams):< 0.1
Antenna P/N:9002305L0-L01K
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KYOCERA AVXs’ 9002305L0-L01K is an innovative – one of its kind on-board UWB antenna optimized for applications spanning 6.0 – 8.5 GHz. This antenna is manufactured using Laser Direct Structuring (LDS) technology. The LDS technology is a revolutionary approach offering a streamlined and efficient process for creating complex 3D circuits on a myriad of substrates. LDS technology is ideal when more curves are needed or less 3D volume is available.

This innovative antenna is characterized by its phase stability that remains the same in all directions around the antenna.

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