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1002427 – GPS Stamp Metal Embedded SMT Antenna

Antenna Type:Internal (On Board)
Frequency:1560-1606 MHz
Peak Gain:1.8 dBi
Size (mm):31.2 x 2.28 x 3.9
Weight (grams):0.16
Antenna P/N:1002427
Evaluation Board P/N:1002427-01 (GPS & ISM) | 1002427-02 (GPS & ISM/BT)
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The 1002427 stamp metal SMT antenna delivers the device designers’ key needs for higher functionality and performance in smaller/thinner designs. This innovative antenna provides compelling advantages for all ISM, Bluetooth and GPS enabled devices.

Unique Form Factors Support Advanced Industrial Designs

Smaller, more efficient on board embedded antennas break through restrictive design rules and provide new freedom in component placement. 1002427 offers 3 configurations for tuning, ISM layout, ISM and BT layout or GPS layout.

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