Active Antenna Solutions

Give Your Wireless Connectivity a Boost

Innovative Active Smart Antenna Systems Solve Your Wireless Challenges

What differentiates us is our systems approach to antenna design. We leverage our expertise in patented RF system design, antennas, integrated circuit design and algorithms to pioneer active smart antenna systems for wireless devices including IoT devices, smartphones, access points, tablets and laptops.

What are Active Antennas?

Active smart antennas are solutions that combine a passive antenna element, and active components such as RF switches, diodes or transistors, and a driver or software to control the circuitry. There are different types of active antennas, depending on which parameter is actively changing. KYOCERA AVX offers state-of-the-art active antenna solutions to overcome surrounding challenges and enhance wireless connectivity.

Innovative Antenna Technology

Active Steering

Active Steering™ Smart Antenna systems boost wireless connectivity significantly by continually optimizing the antenna radiation pattern.

Typical Application: Video streaming devices

Band Switching

Ideal solution when the environment is reducing the original antenna bandwidth.

Typical Application: Small IoT Devices

P-Sensor Hybrid

Proximity sensor function antenna is a power backing off for Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) requirements.

Typical Application: Laptop Computers