9286-250 Series | Reduced Junction Box Connector 18-24 AWG

Features & Benefits
  • Simple strip and poke-home wire insertion with twist and pull wire extraction
  • High spring force stainless steel contact maximizes cost, strength, and flexibility
  • Accepts 18-24 AWG solid and stranded wires
  • Expanded size offering to allow up to 8 wires to be connected together
Typical Applications
  • Industrial Machine Controls; motors, drives, solenoids, sensors, fans, pumps, etc.
  • Commercial Buildings; controls, security, fire, and sensors
  • Smart Grid; meters, breakers, and panels
  • SSL/LED; fixtures, signage, and streetlights

The reduced 9286-250 series of junction connectors expands on the already proven 9286 poke-home discrete WTW family of connectors, but in a smaller package size. Junction box connectors electrically connect each of the inserted wires together, similar to a branch or splitter application but with multiple outputs. The development of an active stainless steel spring contact eliminates the need for push button activation to insert and remove wires which offers a significant cost savings. The mechanical properties of this contact provide maximum wire retention across a broad range of solid and stranded wire gauges, making this connector very versatile in field installations.

Part Number Information
Part Number Information

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Application Notes
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