OxiCap® NOS Series

Features & Benefits
  • Low ESR Nb0 Capacitors
  • Non-Burn Safe Technology
  • Reliability Level: 0.2%/1000 hrs.
  • 100% Surge Current Tested
  • CV Range: 10-470μF / 1.8-8V
  • 5 Case Sizes Available
  • IBM Global Approval Received in 2004
  • Elektra Award Received in 2005
  • Meets Requirements of AEC-Q200
  • -55 to +125°C Operation Temperature
Typical Applications
  • Medium Power DC/DC for Transportation and Automotive Industry

NOS Low ESR series of OxiCap® niobium oxide capacitors have been developed in order to offer significant Cost versus Performance value and targeting AUTOMOTIVE requirements. AEC-Q200 compliant, excellent reliability level 0.2%/1000 hrs. within a temperature range up to 125°C and rated voltage up to 8V (for rail voltages up to 5.5V). Lowest ESR offerings within Niobium Oxide capacitors.

The OxiCap® non-burn technology is based on NbO niobium oxide ceramic material as the anodic material processed through the same manufacturing process as tantalum capacitors. Nb2O5 dielectric in combination to self-healing MnO2 cathode is a basis excellent robustness and long life stability. Electrical parameters are similar to general low ESR tantalum specifications. NbO and MnO2 are widely available materials. The laser coded orange molded body gives total product traceability.

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